Sunday, 9 September 2012

25 Before 23 - Update

25 Things

  1. Finish my final project -DONE!
  2. Get a job - this is #1 priority now
  3. Move to Bristol - goes hand-in-hand with 2
  4. Sew a dress - I've, erm, bought a skirt pattern. It's not *un*constructive.
  5. Make 10 of my recipe bookmarks / pins - 0/10
  6. Send parcels to far-away friends
  7. Go to Southwold at least once - Unfortunately this was for my grandmother's funeral, the sad news I referred to a while ago. There's not much more to say beyond that I hope this won't be my last visit there. The overwhelming feeling I have is that of love and thankfulness for having had such a wonderful person in my life. I absolutely know that she will never be forgotten by anyone who had the great fortune of knowing her.
  8. Get rid of my Flickr backlog - film has now reached mid-July, digital January '12 is still to come. It's had a little break recently due to circumstances but I'll be back on it soon.
  9. Get a grip on my finances - I've made myself a spreadsheet which I intend to update periodically with current balances. Keeping tabs on spending is something I find hard as I either over-document or forget completely.
  10. Sell my eBay pile, swap my swap pile - 0/? 0/?
  11. Mend & alter my mending & altering piles - 0/? 0/?
  12. Read a newspaper regularly - I've bought the i a few times and am now back home with The Week
  13. Weekend away by train
  14. Buy good shoes - Bought more cheap shoes in a hurry, need to try harder!
  15. Crochet 3 items from stashed wool - 0/3 but sister blanket approaching completion
  16. Get a new phone - Need to work out how many texts I send per month
  17. Read 3 good/classic books - 0/3 but I know I want to read The Great Gatsby, just need to find it amongst my parents' bookshelves
  18. Print more photos
  19. Watch 3 good/classic films - 1/3 I've seen The Big Lebowski which left me mostly confused as to the point of it. I'm not sure I was even particularly entertained. I've decided that it counts as I've encountered (and missed) many references to it and the Cohen brothers are "a thing". I've also seen Role Models which was more entertaining but not really one for this list.
  20. Exercise regularly - Shhh.
  21. Scrapbook - 0 boxes/books out of ?
  22. Have a picnic - M & A and I think we might take the Boy for one when he's finished writing his thesis
  23. Visit a city farm - I've walked past Windmill Hill so I know exactly where it is now. Progress?
  24. Visit my sister at university - She's not there yet!
  25. Cycle from Bristol to Bath - Bike has a new tyre now. Need to buy a helmet.
There's some definite progress being made here and that's despite spending most of my working hours on #1. I think having written these things down helps me get them done - when I'm wondering what to do today I can think of my list and find something to do which will help towards one of my goals. I wonder if this is how "cosmic ordering" actually works? (when it does)
Here's to the next month and hopefully managing a few more bits from this list!

Saturday, 1 September 2012


Autumn is my season. It's the one I feel most at home with - I can layer-up my cardigans for cold-ish and damp-ish, I can warm myself up with cups of coffee, I can admire how things look in the sunlight without feeling too hot and exhausted, I can take endless photos of curly brown leaves contrasting lovelily with tarmac, and I can nestle under my crochet of an evening.
Is it autumn yet? Not really, but it is September now and that's a start.