Monday, 22 November 2010

An Outfit, A Drink & Some Film

Click through on this link to see the photo I wanted to post. I'm not posting it because I don't want to be a bad person & nick a copyrighted photo. So it's more of my crap I'm afraid!
I just saw that outfit on The Sartorialist and liked it - lovely & bright but still smart. Less keen on the furry collar thing, but other people just don't conform well enough to what I like!
I'm brewing up a post on clothes you love to death, but decent sunlight and time are evading me. I've got two coursework deadlines next week, one of which I am yet to start. Gah.

On the plus side I've just bought Sainsbury's Light Hot Chocolate so I have something warm and indulgent to drink that doesn't require me to remember to buy milk!
So here I am looking cosy... two years ago!

52.7 How I like to live

Oh! This morning as I was walking down some steps on my way in to university I found a Polaroid picture nestled in a hole in this wall
Bokeh in your honeycomb wall

So I picked it up, and it looked like this

Mysterious... so I turned it over

Aha! Impossible CR.
A little light googling confirmed my suspicions: it was no ordinary polaroid, oh no! It was one from The Impossible Project!
Exciting stuff, it is. It sounds like some of the Impossible Project film hasn't worked brilliantly but it's a really nice project. Some ex Polaroid employees have got together & acquired a factory in the Netherlands where they're trying to invent and manufacture new types of Polaroid film.
Yes, there's still Fuji Instax, but there are a lot of Polaroid cameras about! 300,000,000 of them according to the Project's homepage. The page does strike me as a little overdramatic - it claims that they're saving analogue instant photography, neatly ignoring Instax. But oh well!

Thursday, 18 November 2010

Tiredness, betterness and pretty leaves

Feeling a significant bit on the rubbish side this evening. My back is achey from carrying my laptop around all day, it's cold (but I get too hot with coat & backpack on), it's wet, my house is cold, and I'm TIRED. Bah!

Wish I had some amazing cupcake bath bombs and a decent supply of hot water to go with them. Our boiler's fixed now (it'd been dead for a few days), but the bathroom is still not a terribly attractive prospect. For one thing it's always several degrees C colder than the rest of the house, and for another there's no extractor so we have to have the window open while we're in the bath/shower to prevent too much steam/damp.

Since I wrote the above the boy has arrived bearing chocolate, we've eaten pizza, been to a Photosoc talk and come home again. I feel much better now. Hurrah!
I've also found out that one of my friends from home is currently in Bristol, so I may get to have coffee with her tomorrow morning. I'm heading home for the weekend, mainly for a friend's 21st birthday but also to pick up post, see my family and watch the new Harry Potter film with them! I still have the problem of finding a good present for the person who almost literally has everything, but it should be a nice weekend :)

Enough wittering from me, bedtime! And a pretty photo.
It's pretty leaves time! I recently went on a Photosoc trip to Westonbirt Arboretum (more of which on my other blog at a later date)

Pretty leafiness :)

Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Much Needed Post

It's been just over a month since I last posted on here! Predictably I'm going to say that I've been really busy; mostly with University work and Photosoc stuff.
I'm not doing too badly at keeping up with it all, but I'm aware that there's a lot of time I'm not using to its full potential (like now, I've been reading RSS feeds for three hours). Gah. Add to this the fact that my current workload will double next semester and you'll see the problem... I may be heading for a fail.

Anyway, rather than witter on about how hopeless I am, I shall leave you with a few nice/interesting things I've found on the internets recently:
Some of my photos to finish with - I've been playing around with double exposure & cheap film. Yay!