Monday, 27 December 2010

Winter Sunshine

SO Christmas has happened, there's been lots of snow & coldness... Have some sunshine!



I seem to have a habit of photographing plants when in Bristol. You'd think I was from the countryside or something...

Photosoc Tea Social :)

Photosoc socials - best made of yummy tea, old cameras and warm laziness. The extreme contrastyness in this photo is down to a) the intense sunlight coming in through the glass front of the café and b) my cack-handed film skills. I shot a roll of 400 speed black and white film as though it was 1600 (on purpose) with the intention of "push" processing it (developing it for longer) to make it look more interesting and possibly contrasty. However I got it mixed up with another roll of the same film and accidentally developed it for the normal length of time only... So it came out *very* contrasty! I rather like the effect on some shots though, just a shame I wasn't expecting it.

All these photos were taken on my Pentax ME Super, click through to my Flickr for details/more :)

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