Saturday, 19 March 2011

Roma I

Via Della Dogana Vecchia
I recently went on a trip to Rome with Photosoc. It turns out a sunny January is an amazing time to go, the weather's lovely - not too hot or too cold, and there aren't the usual hoards of tourists. There were still plenty, but distinctly manageable amounts.
We spent our first whole day there taking a planned wander through the old streets, seeing various sights, and generally enjoying the atmosphere. Some of the best photo opportunities (and the best priced espressos) were on back streets.
. Sunlight
The light was just lovely! Click through to my Flickr for a deluge of photos.
LeadingColumnI Love These Trees
We had an excellent group, there were twenty-one of us but we split into smaller groups most of the time (try getting a table for 21 in a restaurant) and everyone got on well and enjoyed themselves. This is just a selection of photos from one day, there'll be more posts (and film photos eventually). The last one here is the view from the Boboli Gardens across to St Peters in the early evening, it was just lovely.
Salita Del Pincio
St Peters

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