Saturday, 20 July 2013

Toiling Over A Toile

My week in Cornwall was good and I've been busy back at work, catching up with friends, graduating (along with the boy), and being exhausted by the heat - but now I've found some time to sew.
This is my toile/muslin for New Look 6154 which I was lucky enough to pick up at the swap in Birmingham a month ago (it's been that long already! My studenty self still isn't quite used to working.) and I believe was kindly donated by Hannah of Made With Hugs And Kisses. I've got some navy cotton from Fabric Land to make a final version in and it'll hopefully be a work-wearable but summery skirt (my work has no dress code but I try to keep some level of decency & presentability) to go with my many patterned tops. My clothes buying habits in the past have veered heavily towards the patterned and colourful "frosting" - I could do with some "cake" to go with all that.
I've been making a size 18 since my hip measurement is 42 on a good day and the ease marked on the pattern pieces is something huge - the muslin seems alright so I'm carrying on. I'm adding a couple of inches to the length for comfort, cutting the back piece on the fold, and moving the zip to the side seam. Hopefully that will all turn out ok, I'm making notes as I go along which should help avoid any mistakes.

Next I'm going to trace out my lengthened pattern pieces (I'm trying brown paper as it's sturdy) and start cutting, wish me luck!


  1. I am glad the pattern found a loving home. I like the fabric you are using for your practice run, hopefully it will turn out to be a wearable muslin! xxx

  2. Thankyou for bringing it! The muslin had a few... issues. Lumps and bumps and inept cutting. THe real thing has turned out far better though, hopefully I can get photos soon :)


Yay :)