Sunday, 29 September 2013

25 Before 24 - September Update

At Prior Park Landscape Garden in Bath last November
Oops. I've been meaning to write this post for weeks but somehow it's fallen by the wayside. Here it is anyway.
Over the last month or so I've been on holiday, seen many different friends, watched the Balloon Fiesta Night Glow had a day on the Exmoor coast, caught the last day of the Laura Ashley exhibition with my Mum, been visited by my sister, and (joint-)won the charity bake-off at work!

25 Things

  1. Cycle to Bath
  2. Visit K at RHUL
  3. Go to a sewing meet
  4. Make 5 items of clothing - skirt, half-made Sonja, half-made Strawbetto
  5. Go to Cornwall and/or somewhere warm - Cornwall again
  6. Learn some Perl/Ruby/C++/SQL - I'm picking up fragments of Perl as I go along
  7. Keep a list of things to cook and make 2 new ones per month - Cooked my first artichoke, made up patatas bravas, re-created itame, and experimented with overnight oats (meh)
  8. Read twelve or more books  - Finished "Toast". Borrowed various non-fiction library books
  9. Cut down my photo-uploading backlog - Almost finished with digital 2012! See above :)
  10. Scrapbook - Almost up-to-date
  11. Visit 5 new towns or cities
  12. Keep job/get good/become independent - Started doing more complex code reviews
  13. Go to a pop-up restaurant or supper club
  14. Finish things - I've ripped the Sonja muslin apart again... it just needs re-cutting & constructing
  15. Mend/alter
  16. See cousins
  17. Go to a gig/film/... every month - No gigs but I saw the night glow at the balloon fiesta :)
  18. Walk lots
  19. Visit new cafés/things - Two new cafés in Bath (Same Same But Different and one nearby whose name I don't remember), Topping & Co bookshop.
  20. Do something creative every week - I've been crocheting on the bus, productive commutes are pleasing
  21. Make an effort to go to things - walked to the balloon fiesta!
  22. Learn to knit properly - made a moss stitch headband... and stalled
  23. Listen to the radio regularly - listened at work some more
  24. Use stashes - started a baby blanket for a colleague
  25. Find a dentist & get teeth fixed

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