Thursday, 12 June 2014

Me Made May 2014 - Part 2

It's (finally) time for installment two of Me Made May!

I'm glad I somehow talked myself into joining in with Me Made May this year - I thought I didn't have enough me-mades to do it at all properly but I really surprised myself. I also negatively surprised myself by only having two pairs of me-made earrings with me in Bristol and no non-broken necklaces. Next time I visit my parents I'll be bringing some back for sure.
I pledged to wear handmade clothing at least once a week and I think it's fair to say I smashed that target. I tried to wear something - including accessories - as many days as I could. The challenge definitely made me wear more accessories - I don't normally think to put a brooch on (especially since my office is so informal) but I turned to them a few times during the month. No-one commented on my change of wardrobe so I think my fears of being obviously handmade (in the scruffy, negative sense) were proved unnecessary.
Over all I really enjoyed having that little extra challenge in choosing what to wear, and the sense that I was part of something so big but so low profile (Guardian article aside). It's like a very friendly secret club :)

Right, here's some more photos:

#mmmay14 Day 17: Rosey Simplicity 9175 & tired post- fabric shopping face. Thankyou @houseofpinheiro for #NYlon2014 #mmmay14 Day 18: Yellow felt flower at Ham House

Days 17 & 18: What I wore for the epic day that was #NYLon2014 - sadly I packed on a grey morning and was boiling in my navy cord skirt, opaque tights, & boots! Day 18 was spent exploring and picnic-ing at Ham House with my sister. The little yellow felt flower is a handmade brooch. The skirt is from a charity shop & I was considering refashioning it as it's all gathered at the front.

#mmmay14 Day 19: Simplicity 2451 after a day at work - cotton sheeting is not a good skirt fabric #mmmay14 Day 20: dinner at a friend's house in aid of charity with shapely boyfriend (and real boyfriend)

Days 19 & 20: The bloggers' favourite Simplicity 2451 skirt (cotton sheeting is not a good skirt fabric) and my good old shapely boyfriend cardigan.

#mmmay14 Day 23: shapely boyfriend again & another dress I'd like to copy #mmmay14 Day 24: pocket hack NL 6154 skirt for rainy day domesticity

Days 23 & 24: Shapely boyfriend goes to work and NL6154-with-Simplicity-2451's-pockets for a day of domesticity

#mmmay14 Day 26: shapely boyfriend visits The American Museum #mmmay14 Day 27: Blue bead earrings for a sleepy work day & evening on the sofa installing a zip

Days 26 & 27: Shapely boyfriend visits The American Museum in Bath to see The Colourful World of Kaffe Fassett and blue china bead earrings worn to work and for an evening sewing the lining down in my truffle wearable muslin.

#mmmay14 Day 28: rosy top goes back to winter. It's a 40 denier kind of day :-( #mmmay14 Day 29: An uninspired outfit for an uninspiring day. New Look 6154  / Simplicity 2451 skirt

Days 28 & 29: Simplicity 9175 top and 6154/2451 hack skirt. Sleepy work days with dull weather. I think I used all my nice outfit brain on the first of these two days.

#mmmay14 Day 30: purple feather earrings & my alma mater #mmmay14 Day 31: Going for broke on the last day of #memademay . Waitrose won't know what's hit it.

Days 30 & 31: Purple feather earrings visit the Wills Memorial Building and my truffle muslin, shapely boyfriend, and lacy flower brooch visit Waitrose to send off Me Made May in style.

It looks like I managed 22 days out of 31 and wore 11 different items. I don't think I need to count to say that my shapely boyfriend cardi was my most worn item. Good thing I've got another cardigan in the works.
The glaring (to me) omission is my navy NL 6154 skirt which - due to a combination of it shrinking and me putting on weight - doesn't currently fit. Boohiss. I have taken up swimming though so hopefully that will help make up for the fact that I'm no longer getting the exercise of dashing between buses or walking to The Boy's house (now that we live in the same house :)).

The first installment can be found here and on my sewing Flickr account.

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