Thursday, 18 November 2010

Tiredness, betterness and pretty leaves

Feeling a significant bit on the rubbish side this evening. My back is achey from carrying my laptop around all day, it's cold (but I get too hot with coat & backpack on), it's wet, my house is cold, and I'm TIRED. Bah!

Wish I had some amazing cupcake bath bombs and a decent supply of hot water to go with them. Our boiler's fixed now (it'd been dead for a few days), but the bathroom is still not a terribly attractive prospect. For one thing it's always several degrees C colder than the rest of the house, and for another there's no extractor so we have to have the window open while we're in the bath/shower to prevent too much steam/damp.

Since I wrote the above the boy has arrived bearing chocolate, we've eaten pizza, been to a Photosoc talk and come home again. I feel much better now. Hurrah!
I've also found out that one of my friends from home is currently in Bristol, so I may get to have coffee with her tomorrow morning. I'm heading home for the weekend, mainly for a friend's 21st birthday but also to pick up post, see my family and watch the new Harry Potter film with them! I still have the problem of finding a good present for the person who almost literally has everything, but it should be a nice weekend :)

Enough wittering from me, bedtime! And a pretty photo.
It's pretty leaves time! I recently went on a Photosoc trip to Westonbirt Arboretum (more of which on my other blog at a later date)

Pretty leafiness :)


  1. Aw, cold bathrooms are a pain... you should get a small electric radiator, they work wonders for heating up spaces quickly!


  2. Sounds like a neat idea! They're predicting highs of three degrees celcius for Thursday and Sunday here :( I think we'll probably turn the heating on...


Yay :)