Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Pattern Lusting & Purchasing

The rather talented Tilly of Tilly And The Buttons is having a fabric giveaway from Fancy Moon which has lead me to discover their site, and they do all sorts of amazing patterns; Eiffel Towers, letters & stamps, cute animals, kitschy flowers & cute polka dots!
My favourites were Poppies by Alexander Henry and Gardenia Blue by Henry Glass.

The Poppies remind me of my blog background at and would be pretty flattering for clothes as it's on a black background, and Gardenia Blue reminds me of my Grandmother's amazing wallpaper. I need to take a photo or two next time I visit since some of it is truly amazing.I seem to have a bit of a yearning for retro patterns at the moment. I've always loved classic chintzy florals but more modern things are catching my eye too.

This cardigan and it's similarly patterned shirt & vest relatives caught my eye in H&M the other day.
As well as an extremely cute cardigan with birds flying about on it (white on blue or black on pale pink) which sadly wasn't quite right in a 14 and isn't available in a 16 (because it's in the "Divided" range, and everyone knows that young people aren't size 16 or above...)

I did however buy this:
As I'm forever finding that plain t-shirts are too plain or add an unwanted extra colour to an outfit. Being neutral but slightly interesting, this should fit in pretty well. I'm still a bit unsure about the colour though, so I haven't worn it yet.
This on the other hand is a definite winner, even if it is a bit thinner than it looks here. It fits in nicely with the general navyness of my wardrobe & I do like a 3/4 length sleeve!
I very much liked this scarf in Zara (bunnies!*) but I restrained myself since it's still £7.99 and I own loads of scarves already!

Oh dear, I'm a terrible materialist. Must. Stop. Buying.

*clearly not hares

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