Friday, 1 June 2012

Domestic Yarn Bombing

I love yarn bombing. It's one of those wonderful things that I happen across in the street and improves my mood amazingly. It's so fun! And creative! And friendly! <3

I've wanted to have a go myself for ages, encouraged by a Yarn Bombing Evening I went to at The Cube back in September; but the civil disobedience part* and the prospect of having someone destroy my work** didn't appeal. I had grand ideas of covering the banisters in my student flat with brightly-coloured cosies but of course the sheer amount of them and the fact that I'm soon to move out made that an impracticality.
One day I was sitting in my room revising something dull when inspiration struck, I could yarn bomb my Ikea uplighter! While it may be quite tall it comes in sections that screw together, and as such is easily coverable in sections. Since I own it I won't have to de-bomb it when I move :D

So, the process goes like this:

- Work out what size rectangle you need to make

- Crochet/knit it, checking the size regularly (I used up and down stitch from my recently purchased Handbook of Crochet Stitches)

- Use a yarn needle to sew it in place (sewing the seam around where the wire comes out)

- Embellish to taste (I used a crochet flower made using this video) and attached it with the trailing ends


Have you ever yarn bombed anything? Would you?

* Yarn bombing is technically vandalism I think, although I imagine you'd probably only get a talking to unless someone had a complete sense of humour failure.
** The lady yarn-bomber who was at the event said that people do destroy yarn bombs, sometimes with fire :(


  1. Aww! Your yarn bomb is lovely! I need to yarn bomb a few things in my room too. :)

    1. Thanks :) I'll be trying something more fancy once exams are over, I am rather in awe of your strawberry!

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Yay :)