Saturday, 22 December 2012

Wellington Pattern Pyramid - Giveaway!

Parcel from New Zealand
I think my address blurring was rather successful, given that it was done in MS Paint
This week I received the Wellington Pattern Pyramid (2) parcel sent by Kat of Modern Vintage Cupcakes. As if being the pyramid starter wasn't generous enough, Kat included a length of cream lace for me too :)

Parcel wrapped in lace with a postcard

Now that the original six patterns have made it halfway around the world I've chosen one to keep and am holding a giveaway for the remaining five.
Kat posted the details of the patterns here (this is pyramid two) but do ask if there's anything you'd like to know about them. More photos by me can be found here.

Stack of six sewing patterns
The Wellington Pattern Pyramid follows Karen's original rules:
  • Anyone, anywhere in the world, can enter by leaving a comment on this post by midnight GMT on Monday 31st December 2012, but you must have an active blog.
  • I will randomly select a winner, Person A, and post them the collection of 5 patterns.
    Person A will then pick one pattern to keep for themselves, then host their own give-away They will randomly select a winner, post the remaining patterns to Person B.
  • Person B will pick a pattern for themselves and promptly host their own give-away and post the remaining patterns to the winner, Person C. Person C will do the same and so on until there is a last pattern winner…you get the idea.
I'm making it a rather long giveaway since it's Christmas and everything is rather busy right now. Hopefully this will give people plenty of time to enter and to mull over the possibilities :)

All the patterns together
If you'd like any details on any of the patterns just let me know in the comments. I can easily upload more detailed photos or shots of the backs of the envelopes.
I'm keeping the Style pattern at the top left, but here are the ladies on the envelope front closer-up. Is it me or do they have the same face?

Hopefully one can't go too wrong with a simple shirt-dress. I'll probably be tackling this early next year as I'm frantically finishing my university work and am off gallivanting after Christmas.

Speaking of giveaways, the copy of DIY Fashionista I won from Kathryn of YesILikeThat arrived this week. It's a lovely book and full of exciting ideas - she really does make everything look a lot easier than I'd expect. Someone might have to stop me from glittering everything I own.
I included a couple of other nice things in this photo - exciting stamps from a Christmas card and the three films I've finally got around to having developed. It's good to stop and appreciate these things when most of my time is spent writing furiously and staring at code.

Right, you've got 9 days to enter my giveaway, go go go!

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