Saturday, 22 June 2013

25 Before 24

This is definitely a bit late but I've been collecting ideas since well before my birthday and have already completed a couple so I'm going to post them up anyway.
If you're not familiar with the concept, my 25 Before... is  a list of things I'd like to have done by my next birthday. I started my first one in August last year for my March birthday and managed to complete about half of it. This time I have more time to do the Things and some of the points are carried over as not-yet-complete.

25 Things

  1. Cycle to Bath - carried over from last year
  2. Visit my sister at university - ditto
  3. Go to a sewing meet
  4. Make 5 items of clothing
  5. Go to Cornwall and/or somewhere warm
  6. Learn some Perl/Ruby/C++/SQL
  7. Keep a list of things to cook and make them
  8. Read twelve or more books 
  9. Cut down my photo-uploading backlog - a repeat entry
  10. Scrapbook - another repeat entry
  11. Visit 5 new towns or cities
  12. Keep job/get good/become independent
  13. Go to a pop-up restaurant or  supper club
  14. Finish things
  15. Mend/alter
  16. See cousins
  17. Go to a gig/film/... every month
  18. Walk lots
  19. Visit new cafés/things in Bristol
  20. Do something creative every week
  21. Make effort to go to things
  22. Learn to knit properly
  23. Listen to the radio
  24. Use stashes
  25. Get teeth fixed
They're a varied bunch - lots of creative ones, some self-improvement, career-type bits, and a couple of boring necessities. Hopefully keeping count will help me get on with them :)
I'll try and update regularly - perhaps once a month - and see whether I can beat my score from last time.
Have you ever tried a similar project? Any tips?

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