Sunday, 10 October 2010


The lovely Poet has given me a couple of awards! Thankyou very much indeed!
Make sure you visit Seamstress Stories, she's got a wonderful way with words :)
sunshine award:
No strings attached, just post the flower picture on your blog, enjoy, and share the goodness with 12 others (or as many as you choose). We can all use a little sunshine on this rainy day..
So this one's going to Lupin, Tilly, Leah, Jess, Florence, Helen, Jools, Beth, Jen, Lulu, Jith, and Adam.
A Blog with Substance award:
Thank the blogger who awarded you and sum up your blogging philosophy, motivation and experience in 5 words (that's a lot for 5 words!)

Trying not to be boring!

The Blog with Substance award goes to: Adam! He's been a Flickr contact of mine for several years now and anything he sets out writing is guaranteed to be interesting :)

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