Monday, 11 October 2010

Plymouth & London

Last weekend I took a combination of trains and lifts with friends down to Plymouth for a friend's twenty-first birthday. The theme was The Inbetweeners (a popular TV comedy series about schoolboys) and we raided Primark for glasses, ties and knee-high socks. It was a pretty fun night, home and university friends were mixed pretty successfully and not too much money was spent. We got rained on very thoroughly on the way home and ended up with soggy chips :(
In the morning we went out for breakfast to an amazing place called Goodbody's, which is a pretty ironic name considering they specialise in vast calorific breakfast and pints of pudding! One of my close friend's boyfriends managed to polish off a large breakfast, a bacon sandwich and two drinks. I made do with one normal sized breakfast and a coffee.

On the menu there were many weird and wonderful types of breakfast including "Devon Breakfast" - a full English plus a deep-fried scone, "Cornish Breakfast" - full English + a pasty, and "Indian Breakfast" - full English plus curry & naan. Bizarre in an amazing sort of way.

 On Tuesday the lovely Niall drove the two of us to London to see Darren Hayman & the Secondary Modern play at The Luminaire in Kilburn. We stayed with and took the OS who lives in London. We had a nice afternoon wandering along the South Bank before the gig and had supper at Wagamama (the first time I'd been there). The second support act were Dan Michaelson & the Coastguard, who were really pretty good. We were tired so we sat on the sofa at the back and enjoyed their chilled-out sort of sound.
T'was a nice evening.

This is the video for Calling Out Your Name Again, which has Emmy The Great on it too and is rather lovely. The video's good too, he can really draw!

The next morning we had brunch before heading back to Bristol. Yay.

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