Monday, 4 October 2010

I'm still alive!

I'm pulling myself back from the verge of Blogfail. I'm feeling somewhat busy now, and lectures haven't even started yet.

Last weekend I popped up to Bristol and went on a lovely six and a half mile walk with Niall and some of his family. It was downhill to the edge of a lake and then back up but we went at a nice pace and there was stopping to admire the view/cows/lake. Niall has already had his films developed and has written a little photoblog about it here. The weather was really good; bright sunshine almost the whole time, but not too hot at all.
We had a picnic lunch along the way, watched some planes land at Bristol airport, ran away from cows that charged toward us, met a rather cute wobbly puppy, and finished the whole thing off with an excellent meal at the Bear & Swan in Chew Magna. H'rah!
The next day we had brunch at The Primrose Café in Clifton, then I drove home in time to take my sister to Asda to buy helium balloons. (and for me to buy the roses in the previous post)

After a few days of sitting around at home not achieving a great deal I came back up to Bristol. We drove up in pelting rain; the spray on the motorway was so bad I could hardly see! But we made it, lugged my stuff up to my flat, and had a delicious selection of salads for lunch at Papadeli, with Luscombe lemonade, ciabatta & oil, and really tasty manchego (Spanish sheep cheese). Followed, of course, by coffee and cake. I was actually too busy eating to take photos, but it was delicious.*

Since coming back I've been to the pub with Photosoc, seen one of my friends who's a singer/songwriter play a gig, drunk tea with computer scientists, run away to rainy Plymouth for a friend's birthday and had Photosoc meetings to organise all manner of new year stuff.

I've got to organise a photographic scavenger hunt! Eeek. It involves sending teams of people off around Bristol with a list of things to take photos of, they can be specific things, vague ideas or concepts. The idea is to have fun and meet people. I've got a few ideas already but suggestions are welcome!

Here's a video of my friend Mikey aka asinglebiteofcherry playing at The Croft in Stokes Croft last Thursday.

You can hear samples of and buy his album on his website!

I'm off to London tomorrow for a gig, excitingness! Expect photos etc in the next few days...

*You may be able to tell I quite like food

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