Wednesday, 20 July 2011

On A Crafty Theme

Well, I haven't made any progress on the dress. I haven't done any maths. I haven't spent all my evenings seeing the boy. What I have done is go home two weekends in a row and spend my weeknights lounging around. Hmm. So a quick update then I really MUST do some maths, even if it is just writing out definitions. I might stick them to the wall...

So, no sewing has happened. I did have a little go at friendship bracelets, prompted by Laura of Lupin Handmade/bugsandfishes in this post, but was pretty much as unsuccessful as ever. I've read lots of crafty blog posts from the likes of Karen, Tilly and Ms Scruffy Badger which have been making me want to get on with the dress, and want to make many other things as well! Tut at myself.
I've also brought my proper fabric scissors up to Bristol with me and bought some pins. I spotted them in the sale at Cath Kidston a week or two ago and thought the tin was nice but restrained myself, but then I went back when I realised that I would be needing pins for my dress :)

The other Cath Kidston thing in the picture is a little travel sewing kit given me by my aunt one Christmas, it hasn't had all that much use previously but I rediscovered it last time I was home. I'm not one for buying things for the brand but I do think Cath Kidston makes very pretty things, I just wouldn't necessarily buy them full price! (I have a handbag that's a rather good Primark imitation which was £3 compared to £16 or £18 from CK)

Continuing the sewing theme, here's a book I got in The Works (a discount bookshop) while I as home. It was marked down from £9.99 to £1.99, then 99p but it came up on the till at 49p! Bargain. It's a reprint of a book from 1941 and gives advice on how to efficiently use your rations of fabric and how to straighten a wonky hat brim etc. I'm not sure how much practical use it is but it's pretty and interesting.

On a different crafty note I've perpetrated this:
Friends have described it as "vajazzling" my phone. It's quite a bit lot trashy and awful but it amuses me, and I only did the removable back (which I have three of due to amusing misunderstandings with a certain manufacturer's customer services). They're Poundland's finest stick-on gems and there are plenty more where those came from.
I should add that my phone is over four years old now and I'd never do this to a new one! It may not be very good for the working of the phone in terms of heat, we shall see...

This made me happy - it's a street sign on Bristol's St Michael's Hill that's been yarn bombed! Already several other photos of it have popped up on the Internet (e.g. Niall's). Bristol's a good place for coming across interesting little different things that make me happy.

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