Sunday, 10 July 2011


I've just returned from a lovely week in Cornwall with the boy and a slightly pointless but relaxed few days back home and it feels like a good time to get writing again. Tomorrow I start my summer job making pretty graphs of important computery things happen, I won't go into too much detail as a) it'd be boring and b) I'm not quite sure what I'm doing yet myself! All should be revealed tomorrow though.
The plan for the summer is to work 5 days a week and split my evenings between learning maths for my resits, making a dress (no sewing machine to help me there), and seeing the boy. Hopefully I will neither slack off the first in favour of the last too much, nor bury myself so deeply in the first that I barely do the last. The middle one is of much lower importance and probably for days when I'm lacking the brain for maths!
Added to this I intend to make my own sandwiches all summer to save money and to generally eat healthily and hopefully shed a few pounds inches (no scales), possibly with the assistance of walks/cycling. Of course it's pretty unlikely that I'll manage all this, and even if I do I'll be so sick of being saintly that I'll spend the next term eating Ben & Jerry's and doing no work. Hmm.

So here's what I'm making:

I've disemboweled this dress!
The picture only shows the bodice but the skirt is fairly simple - just four panels and two pockets. This is a New Look favourite which I bought a duplicate of from eBay and I'm planning on making a version out of a duvet cover I bought way back in early May or so.
The funny thing with this dress is that everything you'd think was a turned up hem is in fact faced. Extra work? I can see why it's been done mostly and will probably stick with it, it's all done with the same fabric so no fancy stuff to buy (and our iron is broken so I can't use iron-on interfacing anyway!).
There will be dress updates with progress pictures, partly to help me keep it up. I've already got loads of photos of seams and hems taken as I took it apart to show me how everything goes together. I'm not ironing the deconstructed dress parts as they'll show me how to fold the new fabric. Hopefully I'll get the skirt facing off and the fabric cut this week.
Wish me luck?

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