Tuesday, 27 March 2012

ALL The Crochet

Hello! I've just come back from a relaxing birthday weekend in deepest, darkest Somerset with the boy and my family. We did a lot of walking, a fair amount of eating, and took heaps of photos. I might post some of those if I ever get to wading through them all!
I managed to finish off something I started during the week on the train down - a wiggly scarf!

And I turned it into a mobius loop.
This was my first foray into exciting crochet patterns. I'd had vague thoughts about looking up some more interesting stitches (I can do single, double, half-treble and treble) but stumbled across Hyacinth Girl's rather lovely monochromatic Afghan via Katie at Little Red Squirrel and decided that this would be a good next step.
I used this video tutorial and pattern from Crochet Geek to teach myself to wiggle. It was incredibly easy! I'd definitely recommend learning crochet by video, actually seeing hands crocheting makes things a lot easier than having to decipher a jumble of abbreviations.
I made this from yarn (not wool, acrylic!) leftover from a birthday snood for my housemate and had no idea how much scarf I'd be making when I started out. I ended up with a scarf that was on the short side and decided to join the ends up. I twisted it so that I had a mobius loop and I think that gives it a little bit of extra volume when it's round my neck. It's nice and warm and snuggly anyway.
If anyone's interested it's Robin DK and I used a crochet hook which says 6.0/US J on it  - I haven't yet figured out how crochet hook sizes work, I just have a variety and pick whatever I feel comfortable with for a particular project!

A blanket for M, both soothing and bright :)
With my hand, for scale
The edge
How is one supposed to hide these bits?
On the grey scarf I've cut and knotted them and woven them in but it's fiddly and I don't trust my knots, and it might pull on my other stitches.  I don't cut it as I go along in case I do something horribly wrong and need to go back and fix it.
On my pink blanket of horrendous ugliness I went over along the edges with the same yarn which was a bit neater, but that requires being able to work out how much I need to cover it and having that left! Perhaps I should just suck it up and buy more of the pink and make pretty scalloped edging. I don't think mismatched dye lots will hurt too much here.

Rustic charm? Or just wonky...

My first attempt at a Granny square. This wool was a hand-me-up from my sister and was to hand when I found this Granny square tutorial. I don't think this is too bad for a first try.
I figured out as I was going along where I should be making the next stitch. It took me a while to convince myself that it was right to stitch all six of the corner crochets into the same loop, but it works! It really does! It just sorts itself out and goes square. No witchcraft involved.

Now what shall I turn my hand (or hook) to next? Any suggestions?
I have some lovely red bamboo yarn which I think would make a nice shawl, but I don't think I'm quite ready for the amazing complicated shawls one sees on Ravelry. Maybe I should actually join Ravelry? I do have a stash...

I should probably just stick with the pink/brown/beige blanket until it's finished, then start on my sister's Christmas blanket. Oh, and revise. I have been doing that, honest.

P.S. This was going to be a sewing post too but it got a bit long, I think I'll leave that for another day!

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