Friday, 16 March 2012


No completed blankets for friend or sister yet, but some progress on the former. I've been generally good and restricted crochet to times when I couldn't reasonably be doing something else or need a proper break, or am doing something else. Like being at the pub:

Rosy cheeks courtesy of Dawkins Ales' Sunshine
Another bonus of crochet as a hobby is being able to wrap yourself up in it as you go along.(please ignore my strange technique, I've not mastered the standard way of holding the hook!)
This is the one for my friend, I've gone with doing two rows of double crochet (single to Americans) in each colour. At the end I'll go over both sides to neaten it up, probably in brown.

I made this moustache for my friend's facial-hair-themed 21st birthday party. No itchy stick-on moustache for me. I used the little bit of plastic-covered wire that came with my earphones to attach it to my nose so it was easily removable too. Crafty, free, and practical.

We are not amused.
I made this snood before Christmas with some lovely "Katia Velvet" yarn I was given for my last birthday. It's really soft! The shape was an experiment and it came out wearable if a little awkward. The foldy bit at the front is big enough that it sticks out strangely, but too small to fold at all. I've found that the cufflinks the boy gave me (thinking they were brooches, poor dear) make good snood-tamers. They're bunny-shaped and I end up with little white china bunnies snuggling in the yarn. Cute :)

XN View finally made a non-wonky mosaic, hurrah!
Roses! Yarn bombing in the kitchen, an experimental one & a brooch.
 I made these on Tuesday and Wednesday after seeing them on Lauren aka Lladybird's blog*. I'm normally terrible at following patterns - I never know where to go next! -  but having a video and being able to see actual hands crocheting made it really easy. I used this one.
I made the bobbly blue one at Photosoc tea, while having a cheeky cocktail on the 2 for 1. Hic.

Bramble (with accidental extra Triple Sec)

* I want a Rooibos like hers, it's amazing.

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