Sunday, 22 April 2012

Nostalgic Floral

Remember the floral bedsheet I acquired recently? Well it looks like these sheets have lasted well, and there're plenty of them about.

Sarah Rooftops has it (complete with cat) and it is in duvet form still.

Meanwhile in Edinburgh it is becoming fox-shaped:
Miss Foxette, from A Wooden Tree

Zoe of Zoe's crafts has three different colourways! Lucky lady. She's got them in her newly decorated spice rack.
Pilfered from this post

She also has the evidence that the sheets are originally from M&S.

Leanne on Vanilla Teapot loves it so much she has it as her blog background.

Anyone else come across this on their travels? Links! Pictures! I'll curate a little gallery of it :)

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  1. I so want Miss Foxette; I've been ogling her for what seems like ages now (but might just be a week).

    I used to have this as my blog background, too. It's just a gorgeous print!


Yay :)