Tuesday, 17 April 2012

A Week Or So

There's lovely cherry blossom everywhere

  • Last week I had a big Maths exam, 20 credit points (the whole year is 120) which didn't go brilliantly. I may have passed. It's frustrating trying to learn how to do questions with no example solutions (no past paper solutions at all, minimal solutions to problem sheets) and figure out things which are more dependent on your knowledge of things like what the sum from 1 to n of 1/k happens to be than your knowledge of the unit material. I'm terrible with such things, it feels like there's a big fact sheet I'm meant to have memorised at some point but I missed the memo.
    And that crushes my confidence and fledgling ability to get my head round probability theory. Gah. This exam is out of the way now, only six more to get through in May/June!
  • I've tried burrata, as recommended by a certain dressmaking genius by the name of Oona. Waitrose had it reduced, from an introductory offer price too, so I snapped it up.

    Funny looking thing!
    SO CREAMY. Insanely creamy. Definitely to be eaten with crusty bread.
  • I finally bought an Emmy The Great CD, First Love. I saw her at The Fleece in October, I was having a bit of a difficult time and spent most of the gig close to or in tears but I'm glad I went. This is not an album to listen closely to when you're feeling vulnerable, it's full of loss and sadness.
  • My days are now full of background writing for my project thesis and fiddling with Open CV for Android which seems a lot more complicated than it could be. Stupid things. On the plus side I chose my units such that I only have one coursework to do apart from this and it's a fairly straightforward one.
  • I've had a play with my blog design, got rid of a broken Flickr widget, added a page which has no content yet, and changed the background to cheery blue polka dots. This is the same background I had on my Myspace page, back in the day. Nostalgia!
  • I've had a look in the freezer and figured out what I need to eat my way through before the end of the year/my flat contract. It's mostly reduced things I couldn't eat at the time, meat from large packs which I bought as it was better value for money, and strange stews I must have got sick of before finishing. Hmmm.
  •  On Thursday the boy & I went for a post-supper walk to the suspension bridge. His camera is capable of taking photos in the dark, mine not so much. I got a couple of presentable ones though. I also got very cold!

Bridge! All lit up.
  • After an abortive attempt on Saturday that turned into brunch we made it out to Arnos Vale on Sunday with Matt & Alice. It's a huuge place and parts of it are incredibly overgrown. Photos were taken, names were spotted (the best was Pobjoy) and there was discussion of what is and isn't appropriate in a graveyard.
Cameras at the ready, spot which is digital.
Now back to the algorithms, happy Tuesday!

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