Wednesday, 18 July 2012


Four square photos: origami cranes, an overgrown window, Tyntesfield House, purple flowers
Origam cranes in the aviary, an overgrown window, flowers, the South-West side of the house.
For my Mum's recent birthday we took her on a day out to Tyntesfield House at Wraxall, near Bristol. It's owned and looked after by the National Trust but has only been with them since 2002 and they are still actively restoring and sorting through the house and contents. It was a grey day when we went and not brilliant for picture taking so I thought I'd set myself a sort of challenge to take photos of all the lovely little details around the place.

Stained glass in a hallway, the overgrown window from inside, fireplace tiles, first floor landing and the old entrance hall.

The underside of the staircase, some very ornate wallpaper, stained glass outside the chapel, wallpaper in a bedroom.

The chapel's chandelier, stained glass at the chapel entrance, a strange flower in a greenhouse, the chapel from outside.

In a greenhouse, a relative of cow parsley in the lady garden, sweet peas in the kitchen garden, wilted agapanthus.

Neat rows of veg in the kitchen garden, a well-trained cherry tree, logan berries, the cherries themselves.

Meadow-like flowers near the orangery, unusually coloured acquilegia, dahlia in the shop(!), ceramic tiles in the rose garden.

I hope these make nice viewing, I'm definitely keen to go back on a nicer day and see it all again. The volunteers said that they have different sets of rooms open over time so you won't necessarily see the same things each time. I imagine nicer weather would suit the garden better, and the rose garden would be more spectacular earlier in the year. Since the boy and I were both given National Trust membership for Christmas we can visit for free as many times as we like. Definitely a good present for two camera-keen people :)

*As published the photos clash with my sidebar. I'm going to try and make my layout a bit wider as I want to be able to have XL pictures. Please give me a shout if I've made it worse!


  1. I live literally, five minutes from Tyntesfield yet have shamefully not been.

    1. Shocking! :p
      It's taken me three and a half years of being in Bristol to get there, it's kind of hard to get to. I think it's possible to get there by bus but it doesn't really appeal!

  2. Lovely pictures! All those wild flowers... And the one of the entrance hall. Beautiful.

  3. Your photos are just so lovely - the flowers are so vibrant! I feel the sudden urge to go running through a garden or go traveling :)

    1. Thankyou :)
      It's so lovely to get away and see something new, even just for a day.


Yay :)