Monday, 24 February 2014

25 Before 24 - February Update

Soon there will be cherry blossom again, soon!
Laaaate. So very late. I think I'll blame the weather. We're nowhere near flooded up here on our hill, though Bristol harbour did overflow and necessitate a temporary flood defence down by the river. Mostly the weather meant spending most of the weekends indoors. After a fairly indulgent Christmas & new year, the boy and I have been feeling a bit fat and being cooped up inside hasn't helped with that!

25 Things

  1. Cycle to Bath
  2. Visit K at RHUL
  3. Go to a sewing meet
  4. Make 5 items of clothing
  5. Go to Cornwall and/or somewhere warm
  6. Learn some Perl/Ruby/C++/SQL
  7. Keep a list of things to cook and make 2 new ones per month - Rocky road, teriyaki salmon, peanut butter hot chocolate, taleggio risotto, pilau rice
  8. Read twelve or more books
  9. Cut down my photo-uploading backlog - On K1000 roll 6 now
  10. Scrapbook - Nope. Session needed.
  11. Visit 5 new towns or cities
  12. Keep job/get good/become independent - Changed the format of our daily meeting
  13. Go to a pop-up restaurant or supper club
  14. Finish things - 3 pairs of Learn To Knit Love To Knit wristwarmers. Sorted out muslin for Simplicity 9175
  15. Mend/alter
  16. See cousins
  17. Go to a gig/film/... every month - Saw Inside Llewyn Davis
  18. Walk lots - Couple of little wanderings at weekends but not much.
  19. Visit new cafés/things -
  20. Do something creative every week - Lots of knitting!
  21. Make an effort to go to things -Photo brunch, cinema trip, old flatmate's birthday party, had coffee with a friend
  22. Learn to knit properly - Going swimmingly, started warming up for a Shapely Boyfriend cardigan
  23. Listen to the radio regularly -Lots of 6music, plus Radio 2 during lifts to work
  24. Use stashes - Bought spotty chambray but made a few plans.
  25. Find a dentist & get teeth fixed

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