Friday, 15 May 2015

Me Made May2015 Part I

This year I went in boldly with my pledge:

'I, Sarah of, sign up as a participant of Me-Made-May '15. I endeavour to wear at least one handmade item each day for the duration of May 2015'

...and then I went to Spain and forgot to consider Me Made May while packing. I only missed out two days in the end, but it felt like more at the time. If I had remembered then they'd probably both have been pictures of my Shapely Boyfriend cardi.
My packing strategy was all dresses all the time to keep things easy and minimize wasted packing (Easyjet handluggage-only). I think that worked out pretty well as there were only two things I didn't wear - a jumper and a long-sleeved t-shirt.
Anyway, Me Made May seems to be going alright thus far. Some days I've found it almost too easy - I gravitate towards a couple of me-made skirts for work anyway - and some days I've felt the restriction. I've had two days counting only on jewelry but they coincided with a particularly loungey Sunday and dreaded ladytime, and where's the fun in getting dressed up when I don't want to? The loungey day would have been more Me Made if I had been able to find my £1/m jersey dress. I think I put it away in a fit of optimism during the warm latter part of April.

On to the pictures!
I'm afraid this is coming in list format because balls to HTML...

1. At the alcázar in Segovia in my scoopified, A-lineified Pastille/Truffle dress. Photo by my sister.

#mmmay15 Día uno: Colette handbook mash-up dress - bodice based on pastille, skirt on truffle - at the alcázar in Segovia

2. Up the tower of Segovia's cathedral in my drapey black first Plantain t-shirt

#mmmay15 día 2 - up the tower of Segovia cathedral wearing my first plaintain t-shirt over a RTW dress

3. By the acqueduct in my first Pastille/Truffle dress, photo by my sister again

#mmmay15 día 3 - Colette Pastille with full-behind-adjusted Truffle skirt y el acueducto de Segovia

4 - In Spain, run out of me-mades
5 - In Spain & travelling back

6. Red stretch-cotton New Look 6154 with Simplicity 2451 pockets

#mmm15 day 6 - back home in my New Look 6154 skirt

7. Tilly & The Buttons Coco t-shirt in what Fabricland calls "pirate stripe"

#mmm15 day 7 - off to vote in my pirate stripe Coco top

8. Floppy teal cord skirt - this was the proof of concept for the red one above

#mmm15 day 7 - photo hampered by my phone camera refusing to work but here's the gist of it. Teal cord New Look 6154 with pockets, rtw t-shirt & cardigan

9. Newly finished purply boyfriend cardigan - I shouldn't have procrastinated so long with the buttons! The placement is a bit iffy but they're on there now.

#mmm15 day 9 - purply boyfriend cardigan & RTW dress for an afternoon of dumpling-making

10. Plastic bead earrings, plus newly-finished Rugby Fan's Bobble Hat

#mmm15 day 10 - modelling a hat I've made for someone I'm pretty sure isn't on Instagram and some earrings I made a few years ago

11. Navy polycotton Mimi blouse from Love At First Stitch. Polycotton is definitely sweaty & the fit on this is not great.

#mmm15 day 11 - a terrible photo of my first #loveatfirststitch Mimi Blouse with a RTW skirt. Cheap polycotton is not a good blouse fabric and I am not Tilly-shaped - needs more chest & sleeves and less waist & lower back. Shoulders are alright but don't

12. Navy truffle & Miette cardigan - got a bit hidden by free company t-shirt but was comfy all day

#mmm15 day 12 - all blue in my Miette cardi & Truffle dress for a certain large Finnish tech company's 150th birthday

13. Black mystery remnant Lilou/Truffle dress. Too tight above the bust, bum darts wrong, zip undoes itself.

#mmm15 day 13 - black Lilouffle + RTW cardigan

14. Ceramic bead earrings redeem a "secret pajamas" outfit

#mmm15 day 14 - bit of a low effort day with homemade earrings & RTW clothes but it's a grey & rainy Thursday and comfort was called for

15. Loud floral rectangle t-shirt reverse-engineered from Pattern Runway Harvest Top. Will make more, possibly with smaller/narrower backs & different neckline (this one may just be stretched).

#mmm15 day 15 - rectangle T-shirt reverse engineered from the Pattern Runway Harvest Top. Could have drafted my own but this gave me the armband size.

That's about half the month down and another half left to go. I feel as though I've got plenty of me-made items I haven't worn yet and I may finish a couple of knitting projects and a couple of sewing ones before the month is out. I'm posting these to instagram as I go and Flickr when I remember - you can click through on these photos to see the original captions from Instagram imported into Flickr.

So far Fabricland is the most represented source of fabric. This isn't terribly surprising as they're local, cheap, and I don't feel the urge to save things I've bought there or fear ruining them. The frontrunner for wool is eBay, which is also unsurprising as my skillz are not well-developed yet & the cheapskate instinct is strong.

Happy remai(y)ning May!

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