Monday, 1 June 2015

Me Made May 2015 Part II

Here's part two of my Me Made May round-up & some wearing notes

16. Shapely boyfriend cardi at the Moor Brewery - still goes with everything!
#mmm15 day 16 - shapely boyfriend cardi   & RTW dress for an afternoon of beer & @berthaspizza at Moor Beer

17.Green Simplicity 2451 skirt - I think I need to make a smaller version of the longer view with a bum adjustment - there's more to this pattern than I'm getting. And this is the wrong fabric!
#mmm15 day 17 - my first Simplicity 2451 for a Sunday morning cat-feeding mission

18. Drapy cowl-neck Renfrew. Good for hiding on a rainy day. Not so good for telling if the pattern fits as this fabric is so stretchy and heavy!
#mmm15 day 18 - the UK went back to winter this morning so I wore my cosy cowl neck Renfrew & a very old skirt & stompy boots

19. NL6154 - Comfy and spotty! Shame the fabric isn't great quality but at £6/m I can't complain much
#mmm15 day 19 - spotty NL6154 skirt with pockets

20. Sparkly short-sleeved Plantain tee. Bit snug in the chest - I think I underestimated the importance of stretch percentages
#mmm15 day 20 - sparkly grey plantain T-shirt, RTW skirt & cardigan

21. Purply boyfriend & Paisley Pastille - A good basic cardi but could do with higher buttons and/or more chest width. Dress is alright but armholes have ripped a little - I think I have a broad rib cage!
#mmm15 day 21 - purply boyfriend & A-line-ed Pastille

22. Cord NL6154 skirt - realizing that this is nicer to wear than I thought. Feels a bit homemade-in-a-bad-way but I don't think my colleagues notice or care.
#mmm15 day 22 - corduroy NL6154 skirt & the jumper N got me for Christmas

23. Scoop/a-line Pastille mod - still feels like Wearing A Nice Dress, which is good. Should figure out front darts/width and make another. Facings are an arse, maybe bias binding next time?
#mmm15 day 23 - off cheese shopping with N in my modified pastille

24. Cheaty day - I made the zippy pouch for my knitting accessories & it turned out just the right size. I ought to make a giant one or two for carrying projects in - A4 size maybe? They're from the Flossie Teacakes tutorial.
#mmm15 day 24 - cheatily not wearing me-made but making socks and using my zippy pouch of knitting accessories

25. Miette cardigan - the more dresses I make the more this will go with... I rather like the length with a dress
#mmm15 day 25 - #andisatterlund Miette cardigan & RTW dress

26. Purply boyfriend & red NL6154 skirt. The skirt is great apart from the zip that likes to come undone and the hem trim that flips out because I stretched it the wrong way while sewing it... lesson learned.
#mmm15 day 26 - wore my red NL6154 to work then my purply boyfriend cardigan for post-gym cooking & lounging

27. Shapely boyfriend yet again :)
#mmm15 day 27 - shapely boyfriend cardigan + RTW T-shirt & skirt

28. Spotty NL6154 again. Photo effort minimal
#mmm15 day 28 - spotty NL6154, Sherlock & pizza

29. Stripy Coco top in Ikea. Fabric is surprisingly nice and thick and drapey for a Fabricland number
#mmm15 day 29 - stripy Coco top and a visit to IKEA on my way home

30. Lacey flower brooch - made from gathered trim - at a barbecue with proper rustic cider :)
#mmm15 day 30 - Lacey flower brooch at a friend's birthday barbecue with proper cider :-D

31. My basic ribbed socks & purply boyfriend cardi for a day at home doing tidying, hoovering, & sewing.
#mmm15 day 31 - lounging & hoovering in my knitted socks & purply boyfriend cardigan. Not a leaving the house sort of day

So... there's been a lot of cardigan wearing, despite the weather being pretty nice recently. A good, slightly woolly, cardi is a very useful thing to have in the UK when you're going out somewhere and don't know if it'll cool off or get windy later.
Most of the me-made garments I've worn this month have been made with fabric from Fabricland or Goldhawk Road, or with wool from eBay. My second Pastille-hack is made with more expensive fabric from the lovely local shop called Flo-Jo (stockists of Liberty and Alexander Henry fabric, Colette, Sewaholic, & Anna Maria Horner patterns, and holders of knicker-making workshops!) which perhaps indicates a bit more confidence? However all my recent purchases have been from Regency Rags on eBay who are really *really* bargain basement-y.
I finished the purply boyfriend (adding buttons), finished my first knitted socks, re-hung some earrings, and made most of a Colette Hawthorn. Unfortunately the Hawthorn in its current form is not terribly flattering and the long, long hem is somewhat daunting. Hopefully I'll try it on again and find it's magically got better? I think I need to shorten the shoulders somehow - not easy with lots of facing in there :s

If any of this catches your interest, have a peek at my Fabric StashFabric Stash Used (where pins go when the project is finished), and Things I've Made boards on Pinterest.

Right, enough of that. Today is June and I've worn my red NL skirt & another Plantain t-shirt that I made yesterday. I might do some sort of t-shirt round-up post as I've made a few different patterns now.
The weather here is atrocious today - lots of wind and rain - and Boy and I have had a cheeky curry for supper and are going to get an early night. Ciao!

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