Tuesday, 17 May 2011

No More Coursework!

This is Linear Algebra, it's not much fun.

I've just finished with my last coursework of the year which is a great relief as CS courseworks tend to take ages and be pretty frustrating! Sadly I don't get a break as my first exam is a week on Thursday. That's why my bed currently looks like this:
I've got lots of colourful folders & dividers to keep everything together, and when I'm done with all my exams, this years notes will be confined to the largest of the brown boxes featured in my last post and put away under the desk!

I haven't been spending *all* my time working though, I'd go crazy if I didn't have a break. Sadly I missed the crazily wonderful spectacle that is the Eurovision Song Contest (& accompanying barbecue party) , but it was for a good cause - I went to see The Wave Pictures play :D Some bands are just disappointing live as they sound nothing like their recordings but this was definitely not the case here. It was just excellent. The songs which the drummer sang were especially lovely. Bliss! And a wonderful break from the stress of coursework.

Yesterday was my first day of freedom from coursework and I took advantage of it! I made up some lost sleep by sleeping in, then made my way to lectures via my favourite run of charity shops on Cotham Hill, where I found this lovely skirt for £3.99:
And picked up an old duvet cover (£1.99!) to make into a muslin/toile for my attempt to replicate this dress of mine that I really like the shape of. It was only £1.99 and hopefully will provide plenty enough material for a decent attempt. It's also light and fairly sparsely patterned so I should be able to see what I'm doing...

Now what colour buttons should I use on this if I end up with something wearable?!

I've also been playing Carcassonne with the boy, I beat him 149-93 last night!
This is a game from February but you get the idea.

And I'll leave you with the tiny crane I made from a Fruitella wrapper :D

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