Sunday, 8 May 2011

A Sunny Sunday Photo Summary

 On Brandon Hill, sitting about with friends. Bristol's rather lovely.
In the photo on the left you can see the masts of the SS Great Britain.

 Making chocolate chip banana bread, it gets more appealing looking as the process goes on...

 Classic LNER posters á la Adam, discovered in the girls loos in the engineering department of my university. Strange & unexpected but lovely.

 Next  door have lovely flowers! I went out to buy a fuse for the toaster and enjoyed the sun and pretty flowers along the way. Turned out it's kaput despite new fuse.

I bought myself some big brown storage boxes which turned out to have pink inside! This one's for negatives and camera stuff. The next biggest will house all my notes from this year once I'm done with exams; last years are in a spotty box.

The pink crochet blanket of incredible ugliness has entered a new phase! Hot pink and baby pink stripes next. It might even be done by winter. The first two colours (far left) were from Wilkinson's, the next (far right) were from an indpendent sewing/craft shop in Great Yarmouth, and the last two are from Credit Cruncher in Bristol. Credit Cruncher is the kind of shop that sells everything made of plastic - bins, washing baskets, cutlery drainers etc. and cheap homewares.

My Agfa Silette SLE is sitting on my shelf now, it's taken over from the Agfa Optima I which has gone to live in my new box (as it works and this one doesn't)

 New toaster is banished to the windowsill to burn out all it's nasty chemically new toaster smell. We love it already because it has a "bun warmer".

Lovely leafy... Bristol. <3

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