Sunday, 5 June 2011

Jar #146

Last week I was walking over to the boy's house when I spotted something shiny on the wall behind one of those electricity box things. So I took a look.

It was a jar, but not just any jar; it was an art jar!

It said "if you like me, you can take me", so I did.
It contains a piece of paper with pins stuck through it, not in any recognisable pattern but pretty.
The bottom of the jar said "please record your find on the website", it's at along with the other 153 that Kirsty Hall has released in and around Bristol this year. I think it's a lovely idea as I love both street art and finding things. I haven't spotted any more but I haven't been checking the website or anything - it seems a little unfair to purposely hunt them down as I like the idea of someone coming across them unexpectedly and being as happy as I was!

I intend to release my jar into the wild, and will be interested to see where it ends up next :)

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