Sunday, 26 June 2011

Recent Bits & Pieces

This term is over, results are out and I'm trying not to think about my retakes for now. I was absolutely shattered after my exams so I've been spending the last week or so recuperating and getting things together, hence no blogging.
Luckily we're not moving so I don't have that to worry about, but I have relocated to the much sunnier upstairs front bedroom. It's a bit smaller and the ceiling's much lower but it's definitely cosy and I have a sink! It did look a bit bigger but I own a lot of stuff! Most things have found happy new homes but I may have to be brutal with the little things that remain to be sorted - things such as leaflets, small change in Euros and a flock of paper cranes.

Tortelloni + salad = excellent easy dinner

Scalloped tomatoes again, too bready this time! The emphasis should definitely be on the tomatoes.

Someone on Aberdeen Road has a nice meadow-y sort of garden

A week or so ago I had coffee & cake with Ceilidh at Papadeli, she had mango cheesecake (below) and I had one of their wonderfully squidgy brownies. There's a coffee/tea and cake for £4 deal in the afternoon which is definitely a winner. We talked Maths, post-exam freedom and photos, and generally set the world to rights. Good cake and good company :)
Papadeli also do tasty salads, fancy cheeses and everything you expect from a Clifton deli. Oh and they do cookery classes too, not something I've tried but they sound good for those with the money/leisure for such things!

One Saturday that nice boy of mine took me for a drive down to Chew Valley Lake to see the ducks, it was a lovely sunny evening - these photos were taken at around half past eight GMT! On our way we spotted maybe five hot air balloons taking advantage of the good weather. I like seeing them, they're a very Bristol thing.
We stopped by the lake and took photos of it, of the ducks, the plants and each other, watched the sun go down a bit, then returned to Bristol in time for a quick dash round Sainsbury's before it closed.

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