Monday, 6 August 2012

Cotham In The Sun

Honeysuckle branch with flowers standing upright in the sunlight "Victoria Gardens" roadsign partially concealed by hazel tree
 View up a road into sunshine with sunflare

After becoming fed up with my project work (and software trouble) one Sunday a week or two ago, I took a slow, meandering route back from Coffee #1 and took some photos along the way. I discovered a little dead-end road I didn't previously know of and was struck by the niceness of flowers growing above head height.
Annoyingly I discovered - upon transferring these photos to my computer - that my camera had been set to ISO 1600 and my photos are all a bit hazy and noisy because of this. Oh well.

Ox-eye daisies from below
Ox-eye daisies and pink valerian from below
Ox-eye daisies and blue sky
More ox-eye daisies and blue sky
telelgraph pole, wires, and bamboo


  1. I like the haziness - it reminds me of pictures of summers in the seventies and I think it suits these shots well. :)

    1. Thanks :) I was thinking it might be almost film-like.

  2. I really like the photos, there's something magical about looking up at flowers.

  3. pretty
    love it on you
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Yay :)