Wednesday, 15 August 2012

This & That

Lone snail traversing a paving slab. Very narrow depth of field.
I've just had the first four rolls of film from my new (boy's old) Pentax ME Super back from developing and they turned out rather nicely. My 1 year Flickr backlog (and determination to post chronologically) means they won't appear over there any time soon, but they're still here for me to enjoy.
I spotted this little snail on one of my recent trips to Bristol. I've been going up every couple of weeks to see the boy and various friends. Luckily lots of friends are working over the summer so big social events have been concentrated into weekends, making it much easier for me to make it to all of them.
Having a dose of Bristol life has probably saved me from descending into project-induced madness and I'm just thankful that it's there for me. I feel like there's some semblance of a life for me to go back to when I can and that's very comforting. Life hasn't fallen apart when university ended - largely because so many of my coursemates are staying on for a fourth year (and thus getting a Masters) so I don't feel lost as I surely would otherwise.

Here are few links to things I've enjoyed recently for your delectation:
And a general shout-out for Gillian's blog Crafting A Rainbow - she makes nice clothes, writes interesting things, and comes across generally lovely. Definitely one of my favourite Tumblrs (along with such gems as cuteboyswithcats and Tragedy Series)

I think this part of the post was sort of subconsciously inspired by Hayley's recent Blog Love post - I agree with her that some blogs come across a bit too shamelessly self-promotional & think this is a nice idea to try and tone that down :)


  1. Aw, thanks for the shout out! Also, I just got lost in a blog labyrinth after clicking on your other links and their links and their links and their links... and I think I need another clear out of my Reader now...

    1. Quite alright :) I've had that plenty of times with your posts!
      I tend to clear out in small batches, when I'm reading a post and think "Am I really interested in this blog?" I'll get rid of it and have a quick scout through for ones that I'm not "feeling" (as it were). It's sad to go through and find someone who's just stopped posting, makes me wonder if they're ok.


Yay :)