Monday, 29 October 2012

Oppan Burdastyle!

Yes, it's a truly terrible post title but I couldn't resist :) I haven't made much progress on my green skirt since I've sadly got plenty of more important things to get on with. I have cut out everything that isn't my fashion fabric - waistband & pocket facing and interfacing - I just need to clear a bigger flat surface to cut into the green.
 Anyway, I thought I'd share a great charity shop purchase from last month:

Burdastyle 11/2010 and 4/2011

Two completely untouched issues of Burdastyle for 20p each! I also picked out a long purple zip for another 20p.
I know I'm a long way off managing most of the nicer clothes featured in these but I can dream, right? Most of the simpler items are a bit hideous (like that purple shiny monster above) but one of them has a pretty simple looking pencil skirt pattern. The other has one with enormous folds sticking out of the front. I wish I'd taken a photo of that now, it looks pretty strange.

Simple-ish pencil skirt?
The blazers/jackets are a bit daunting but there are some in both issues which look like they're decent shapes, something to work towards perhaps? I'd like a navy jersey blazer one day, something that looks like Kelli of True Bias's chambray one.

Nice blazers, but what's that monstrosity on the right?!

Self-flagellation with flowers?
I'm undecided on this dress - it could be really nice or it could be one of those things that'll only look good on model-shaped people. The sleeves could definitely do with toning down.
My favourite bit of either is the 11/2010 "Romantic Windswept Isle" which reminds me of the Suffolk marshes and makes me think a bit of Roobedoo's wuthering Scottish surroundings, although it's probably nothing like!
Woollen wanderings
 Images in this post were all taken by me but the magazine images are property of Burda.

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