Saturday, 9 March 2013

Crochet - Lab Cat

If not for sits then why is made of warm?
 This is lab cat. He was born of a wish to crochet something small and the collection of wool left over from the blanket I made for The Boy. Lab Cat, as his name might suggest, lives in a lab. He looks after the equipment when no-one is around, helps the boy take measurements, and keeps the lab free of crochet mice.

Can has oscilloscope?
I followed Marmalade Rose's crochet kitten pattern again but continued the body until I had used each colour three times, giving me 42 rows instead of 34. This just means that lab cat is rather longer in the body than his green cousin. He's stuffed with cotton wool as that's what I had on hand - this means that he also stands up a lot better than little green cat.
 You can see all my notes on Ravelry here along with The Boy Blanket.

Most of my latest crochet projects have been for other people - but I'm attempting to balance that out now with a matching little cat of my own. How many cats is too many?

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