Sunday, 17 March 2013

Doings & Happenings

Pulled pork & slaw roll from Grillstock at St Nicks Market
  • After a small storm of technical tests and interviews I've been offered a job! Yay! I'm waiting somewhat anxiously for the paperwork to come through but, all being well, I should be employed pretty soon. I'm pretty lucky to be in a sector where jobs are relatively plentiful but I still didn't enjoy the process of applying for them. Cover letters are the worst. Apart from presentations, that is. I really hate those. But, fingers crossed, there will be no more of that for quite a while. The job I've been offered is in a fairly relaxed office so I don't need to add to my suit collection (I had to wear one in sixth form). I've stocked up on tights though - there's nothing worse than being in a hurry and having to go through a whole pile only to find that there are none without holes in. (yes I could throw them away when they get holes but I'd happily wear them at weekends so why waste them? I think segregating work and weekend tights is the way forward)
  • I've been eating out lots (not entirely intentionally) and trying new places. I've written a post about all of it but I think it might be a bit long and uninteresting to actually publish! The short  & positive version would be: Friska, Flinty Red, Hart's Bakery, Grillstock = GOOD
    This week I'm making my first ever trip to ZaZa Bazaar - apparently the biggest restaurant in Europe(?). It'll be an experience.
  • I've been working on a few crafty things - mostly presents - and finally went to Stitch 'n' Bitch again. I got lots more of my twin scarves done, started Boy's Mum's birthday present, and got part-way through turning an old shirt dress into a blouse.
  • I've read The Mayor of Casterbridge by Thomas Hardy and Decline and Fall by Evelyn Waugh, both of which I borrowed from the library. I really appreciate the fact that my Somerset library card works in Bristol. Even though it wouldn't be hard to sign up for a Bristol one I like that they've made it easier for me :)
    I got TMOC out as I hadn't read any Hardy before and I think this was the one Mum recommended I try first. I enjoyed it. I found some of the description of Casterbridge superfluous but perhaps I was missing some meaning? I wonder if if I knew Dorchester I'd appreciate it more? (the fictional town of Casterbridge is based on Dorchester) I was somewhat annoyed by the course the book took (Persuasion-style eternal devotion is more my thing) but it worked out in the end!
    I got Decline and Fall out when I returned TMOC. I'd wanted to re-read Sense & Sensibility but it wasn't there so I browsed a bit. I've read Brideshead Revisited previously but didn't think of that at the time. I found Decline and Fall a bit strange. I think that it was the combination of subject matter and style - had the injustice been presented in a straight or dramatic style it would have had me in tears (like Atonement) but the comic presentation didn't quite sit right with my instinct to be horrified. I liked the clever neatness with which the book finished but found it quite a light read - I read quickly, finishing it in three short stints, and the lack of insight into the main character's thoughts and actions made it not very engaging. Quite the opposite of Villette, for example, which has whole chapters of swirling thoughts and allegories.
    Next I'm going to read Never Let Me Go by Kazuo Ishiguro.
  • I've spent a lots of time helping my friend campaign to be elected to a sabbatical position in the students' union. We did lots of walking around the university with a big sign, giving out brownies and trying to persuade people to vote. The turn-out in the election this year was 25% I think, which sadly is pretty good. The result didn't go in our direction but, as we pointed out, this means my friend doesn't have to spend next year fending off angry society presidents who have no space while the union is being refurbished!
I'm glad to have spent plenty of time relaxing at home & with Boy this weekend, and next weekend we're off home to celebrate my birthday. I hope the weather becomes properly Spring-like!


  1. that pulled pork looks amazing! x

  2. It sounds like you've been busy! Let me know what you think of Never Let Me Go - we just finished it in my book club, and I'd be interested to hear your opinion.

  3. It was! Definitely try it sometime :)

  4. Ahh. If the movie trailer is anything to go by I think it'll upset me. I've still not started but I'm sure I'll get through pretty quickly when I do.

  5. I had to read The Mayor of Casterbridge at school and I just remember how dull it was and slogging through this story with characters I couldn't care about. I only read 2/3rds of it in the end and still got an A* in GCSE English Lit! Is the ending any good?


Yay :)