Thursday, 7 March 2013

Interviews & Inspirational Links

Notebooks I didn't buy - though I later realised I own a matching biro :)
I've just had my second interview of the week - a telephone one - and am feeling a little bit adrenaline-y. What better time to blog?
I'd mostly like to record this feeling of being capable of doing things and actually fulfilling requirements - after the long sapping of confidence that was my degree course (and extension) this is exactly what I've been missing. To go into a phone interview wondering why they've taken it this far when I obviously crashed and burned at the technical test stage, and then be told that I did really well... well that's a good feeling. And hopefully I'll be able to hold onto it when I'm fighting the public transport system and facing doing a 10-15 minute presentation tomorrow morning. Wish me luck?

For your delectation, and my record, here are a few inspirational pots I've come across whilst fighting my reader backlog:
  • Leah has led me to listen to music I was vaguely aware of but hadn't engaged with. Now I have tickets to see them in May :)
  • Alex's post on life organisation through notebooks inspired me to take the plunge and actually use some of my enormous stationery stash. I now have a making-things-ideas book to turn to when I want to start something.

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