Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Much Making

My impromptu craft table
...or rather finishing. Since I've been staying in waiting for parcels today & yesterday I thought I'd get some of my on-the-go projects finished off. Having these things completed and my mending pile being smaller feels good :)

I liked the crochet cats I made for S & Boy so much that I've made another for myself. She's got a purpose-bought button nose and bright green eyes but otherwise is just the same as Lab Cat. I haven't stuffed her body or attached her head because I don't know what to stuff her with yet. The pattern is  Crochet Kitten from Marmalade Rose & I've added her to my Ravelry notebook.

My friend gave me this shritdress several years ago and although I loved the fabric it just didn't fit comfortably over my hips. So, after asking permission, I hacked off the skirt section (at a convenient seam) and hemmed the top part into a blouse. There was a button missing at the top but luckily as the placket extended into the skirt section there was a newly redundant button which I transplanted. I think I've only ever worn this once before (with the skirt part folded up) but now it's a wearable blouse :D

These ripple scarves are made of leftovers from blankets I made last year for my friend and sister. The red, white & blue one came first and was actually a first attempt at the blanket which turned out way too long. I tried to make the second one the same size by counting the ripples, but I must've got the wrong hook or had considerably worse tension as it's come out far, far bigger and I had to buy more pink and brown yarn to finish it!
These have been leapfrogged in my crochet queue by a fair few other projects so it's really nice to have them done. They're also part of my 25 Before 23 as they're going to be sent off to some friends on the other side of the world(ish).

Less excitingly I've also patched up some holes in cardigans. I won't bore anyone with photos of those.

My next projects to finish are: stuffing lady cat, re-hemming my suit trousers, birthday present for Boy's Mum, and finishing the seams in my Simplicity 2451. I've just received something that might come in handy too ;)


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