Friday, 24 September 2010

7 Rules for Happy Blogging

I'll start off by saying that I'm by no means a blog virgin (ancient and current attempts: 1 2), but I (somewhat naively) intend to make this one a success. That's success judged by whether a) I stick to the rules I'm going to give myself b) I keep posting c) people actually read it.
I'm willing to give myself some slack on the last one as expecting the rest of the world to find my ramblings interesting might be asking a little much.

Anyway, I shall:

1. Update at least once a week for at least a year from today (Friday 24th September 2010)

2. Keep it succinct. Fewer rambling descriptions of the minutiae of my life. I won't feel obligated to blog about something, or go into great depth when a brief sentence is fine.

3. Have no rules about posting a certain thing. I've failed at Flickr-based 52 Weeks projects because I just don't have the ideas (or Strobist skills) for 52 interesting self-portraits. (see said attempts here: 1 2)

4. Not worry too much about explaining who relates to who in my life. The boy shall be the boy, the older sister shall be the older sister (or OS) and the younger sister the younger sister (or YS) etc.

5. Include at least one photo in each post, doesn't matter what of, or if it's old or new. My other blogspot blog is full of photos, mostly in chronological order.

6. Not "abuse commas" as my OS is always saying I do. And spellcheck before I publish (I can spell, it's normally just typos).

7. Regularly re-read and remember these rules.

I was torn between publishing here and on Tumblr. Tumblr is nice in a sort of bubbly, enthusiastic, easy way but I think I prefer the more permanent feel of blogger/blogspot/Google and the fact that it already supports comments!
Things I blog about may include: cooking, clothes, charity shops, photos/photography, jewellery making, the occasional bout of Maths/Computer Science geekery, books, knitting/crochet, my love of train journeys, and anything else that crosses my mind.


52.16 - FlickLgraphique!

Oops! Almost broke Rule 5.

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