Monday, 27 September 2010

Vase Love

All Three

So after posting about banning myself from buying anything new next month, what do I do? Buy old stuff this month. It makes perfect sense?!

Anyway, yesterday I took my younger sister to Asda to buy exciting helium balloons for a friend's birthday party and found these lovely(if slightly battered) orange roses reduced to a mere 24p! Twenty-four of my English pence!
So of course I couldn't leave them there; they came home with me and I put them in this lovely slightly bubbly blue glass vase which belongs to my Mum. Here they are in detail:

Asda Roses

Mum's vase
Isn't it a lovely vase?

Later on, on my way back from dropping the YS off at said party, I took a slight diversion in the hope of catching the lovely evening light on the reservoir above my village. Sadly it'd gone behind the hills by the time I got there, but as I was coming through the village I spotted a collection of furniture by somone's gate and stopped to have a look. It was a sort of garage sale with an honesty box; there were tables and a ceiling fan, a lamp and lots of picture frames. I was tempted by a washing basket but what really caught my eye was a box of vases priced at 50p each. I picked out the blue and white one first but only had a £1 coin so I went for the glass one too. It's an interesting sort of shape, like a conical flask with an open top.

Roadside Vases

I'm rather pleased with them :)
I don't often have flowers when I'm in Bristol but I always look longingly at the beautiful ones at the florist nearest my flat. They're really quite reasonably priced, I bought a little bunch of daffodils from there for 95p in March or so which ended up living in a milk bottle for want of a vase. Now they could have a much better home!


  1. These are really pretty, and I'm happy to hear that you too buy vases though seldom having flowers around the house...


  2. Clearly we both need to buy (or pick) more flowers! (or sprigs of lovely autumnal foliage)


Yay :)