Friday, 24 September 2010

A Brief Introduction

As I start this blog I am:
- At the start of my twenties
- About to start the second year of a degree in Maths & Computer Science
- Living between my parents house and a student flat in South West England
- On the committee of the university photography society
- In posession of a shiny new compact digital camera
- Rendered unable to work at my desk by the vast amount of junk I own
- Listening to BBC Radio 4
- Supposed to be sorting out my room
- Sitting at the kitchen table with my hair wrapped in a towel and eating grapes

Things wot make me happy include:
Things which make me happy
(click through to Flickr for annotations)

I don't have any followers yet so I can't very well ask them what makes them happy, but if you're reading this the comment box is down there *points*


  1. Squee, someone else has started a new blog although they already have one! I'm going to be the first follower :) looking forward to reading more about your day-to-day life, and seeing pretty pictures...

    What makes me happy:
    Mr. M (the boyfriend).
    Food, and tea.
    Making things. By things I mean: clothes, jewelry, poems, fairytales, songs, cookies, soups. Not all at once of course.

  2. Hurrah! Hopefully I'll keep this one up. It's always good to start on a happy note I think. I agree with all your happy-making things although I'd choose my boyfriend rather than yours ;) Plus I'm not the right sort of creative for songs and poems and fairytales, I'd be quite flumoxed!


Yay :)