Friday, 24 September 2010

Courgette* & Cream Cheese Tart

*or zucchini if you're American

This post comes to you courtesy of Facebook. While it was down last night I spent a while discovering the Smitten Kitchen blog, which several people I follow had mentioned on their blogs; one of them was definitely Helen of Afeitar who makes me thoroughly jealous of her baking.
I bookmarked far too many recipes to try (they're sorted into those that I have tried and those that I haven't and, unsurprisingly, the latter folder is much bigger)and I decided to have a look in the fridge and see what I could make; I ended up with an adaptation of Zucchini and Ricotta Galette.
Courgette & Cream Cheese Tart
It was an adaptation because I had to use what I had, which means swaps: yoghurt for sour cream, Sainsbury's Basics cream cheese for ricotta, flora for butter, more cream cheese for mozzarella etc.
The pastry coped with the yoghurt fine, it was just a tad on the sticky side so I'd use less water next time. I also stuck some dried mixed herbs and chopped sundried tomato in the filling to make up for using inferior cheese (although I'm not sure I put enough in as I couldn't taste either). Also I'm lazy so I didn't rest the pastry, salt the courgette or brush egg yolk on the pastry as she does. It's bodge cooking but it seems to have worked.
One silly mistake I made was adding bicarb to the pastry because I decided that it needed to rise. I think that's what's responsible for the slightly odd taste of the crust and its spongier texture. I'm a baking n00b.
I quite liked the pastry really, it didn't require a vast amount of mixing or anything, just the extra flour at the rolling-out stage. I'd like to make more of these in the future I think! Possibly sweet ones with apples from the glut we have at the moment.
Courgette & Cream Cheese Tart

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