Saturday, 25 September 2010

Buy Nothing New Month

So apparently October is Buy Nothing New Month, so say the Salvation Army in Australia*. As a student and someone who isn't good at lasting will power & self control I feel this might be a good thing for me to try. The idea is to go for the whole month of October without buying anything new aside from the necessities (food, medication, "feminine hygiene products"). This is a little like the no-new-clothes months which people like Lauren at Blooming Leopold have inflicted on themselves, only a little stricter.
Now one of the problems I have is charity shop shopping (the others being eBay and sales), which isn't banned under this. I seem to mentally not count any charity shop purchases, which is decidedly unhealthy I think, especially given the wonderful cluster of them on my route to and from lectures... Therefore anything I *do* buy from a charity shop/car boot sale/friend/eBay during the month of October will be appearing on this blog. I wouldn't have much to document otherwise, would I?
So today is the twenty-fifth of September, that's 5 days left before the shopping diet kicks in...

Topshop knickers are a weakness
Topshop knickers are a particular weakness, can you tell I used to sell Lingerie?

*I know I'm not in Australia but it's still a good idea :)


  1. Heehee, these are cute (though I wonder if the bows aren't a bit impractical?). I'm with you on the buy-nothing-new thing. So I have to go and get those organic make-up things, and a gift for my friend, before this month is over...


  2. They are a bit, I have to make sure I'm not wearing anything tight over them or I look like I've got strange lumps on my hips!
    My only friend who has a birthday in October is on the 2nd so I'm ok! The boy won't be getting any presents though...


Yay :)